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Install WordPress on Ubuntu

This course will teach you how to install WordPress server on Ubuntu machine using the command line interface. It will introduce ...more


seriously, you read it right!

We know you must have been thinking what a Teek is. Well, we have tried very hard to find an acronym that might convince you that it has a meaning. Unfortunately, we didn't find any! The truth is that it's just a name we came up with to describe the smaller courses.

A Teek (noun, tēk) is a bite-sized training unit that takes in average less than a couple of hours to consume. That's it!



doing is cooler than reading!

To help you master new technologies faster, we have built tools that allow you to practice everything you learn on virtual servers running on the cloud with all software pre-installed and ready just for you. No need to mess up your computer, it works like a charm directly from your web browser!


OS/Web/Mobile, it's the new stack.

We focus on modern web-stack and mobile front-end development. Building your next app with a mix of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, node.js, CoffeeScript? Want to build that next generation iOS or Android mobile app? Need your devops team to deploy and manage Linux, Windows or cloud servers? We got you covered, with the best content and our unique hands-on 0experience.



social learning haven!

Visited many IT training websites? Think they’re boring? Well, we tend to agree. This is why we built TeeksforGeeks to be a social bloom. Inviting friends, creating a community of wanna-be geeks and connecting them to seasoned gurus is what we do! It’s fun to see everybody sharing knowledge and experience as well as learning something back from the wider community.