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Teeks4Geeks Uploading your own tutorials

With TeeksForGeeks, sharing your expertise is quite simple. In the blink of an eye, your content will reach a large audience, and you will be able to generate sales and build your own legacy.

Your course can be a collection of videos and zip files. Here’s what you need to know to upload tutorials and share your expertise:

  1. 1- Registration: Only registered users can become instructors.

  2. 2- Read Carefully: To protect the rights of instructors and T4G, instructors will be prompted to accept our Terms and Conditions.

  3. 3- Free Content: Your journey ends here; upload your content in YouTube/Vimeo and share the link with us, and we will create your tutorials.

  4. 4- Premium Content:

    1. I- Prepare Your Content: Add organization and structure to your course by saving a zipped file to your combined videos.

    2. II- Access Credentials: Login to T4G Console and select S3 tab

      • User Name: t4g-uploaders
      • Password: RNS5FgI4xKDT
    3. III- Click on the T4G-upload link under Buckets

    4. aws amazon s3 tab
    5. IV- Click the Upload button

    6. aws amazon s3 Upload
    7. V- Browse your file which you'd like to upload

    8. aws amazon s3
    9. Once your upload is complete, options such as editing and list bucket objects are not available directly on the page for users.

    10. VI- Tell Us Who You Are: Be sure to provide us with your contact information, a mini biography, so we have a clear understanding what areas of expertise you have and what motivates you to teach others, along with a brief description of your uploaded files names (a zip file is recommended).

You will be notified through an email notification with the next steps. Thank you for contributing to TeeksForGeeks

Congratulations!! Your tutorial is now available for your students.